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New 2020 BC-2's, 3.5's, 5's and a BC-15 in Stock!





Your New Roaster is warranted from the date of purchase for one Year. During such time if machine breaks down due to a defective part(s) we shall replace part and provide full instructions on replacement installation. Free priority shipping is provided during warranty period. (Some companies make you pay for shipping during warranty!)  If it is determined that machine was abused or not used according to the manual then this is not covered under warranty but parts can be provided at normal cost and shipping. 


Many companies want to sell you equipment but don't offer extended support after warranty. We have found from other clients that bought from some name brand companies that when a common part such as a motor or fan has gone bad these companies require up to 90 days to ship a replacement once you pay & order part. That is why we stock a large inventory of the common and even rarely needed parts and offer our 10 YEAR IN-STOCK PARTS GUARANTEE:

After warranty we have our (10 year In-Stock Guarantee:(BC ROASTERS, CANYON GRINDERS, AZ ONE CUP MAKERS, Fill-And-Seal} 

 We will stock all standard parts for at least 10 years after warranty on our units so you can keep your machine up and running and in great shape. After warranty parts are sold at standard list price and you choose and pay for the type of shipping you prefer. If in the event client prefers to ship product to us for repairs warranty includes the option of in-house repair but client would be responsible to pay to crate and ship unit to us at their expense. (Commercial Equipment should always be repaired on location due to cost and potential damage that may occur if sending it back to BC Roasters for repairs) 


The AZ ONE CUP Manual, PLUS & Semi-Auto Units are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase for any parts that are defective due to normal use. Parts shall be shipped during warranty free of charge via priority mail. After warranty parts and shipping will be provided at standard pricing. We stock all standard parts for all our machines.

Fill-And-Seal machines ( sealer & Filling unit) are warranted for 180 days. We stock all parts and during warranty will include free shipping of any defective part due to manuafacture failure. After warranty we will offer parts and shipping at normal costs.


All Canyon Grinders come with 1 year warranty from date of purchase. All parts are covered except burrs. Extra Burrs can be purchased online. We provide standard shipping free of charge during warranty for all warranted parts.

Smoke Suppression Systems Warranty

1 Year Warranty of Smoke Suppression systems for electronics and Ion filters providing they are properly maintained and not misused. Parts are provided during warranty with free standard shipping.

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